Villas Rosas

As part of a business consulting mandate, we advised management on optimizing their performance numbers through enhanced marketing segmentation strategy and improved customer service dynamics.

White Energy

A turnaround mandate involving improving performance results through strategic acquisitions and partnerships.

Initially, the mandate was to conduct a financial restructuring initiative.

Subsequently, the mandate became looking at a potential private placement with a strategic investor to grow the business.

Abdullah AlBlehed Group

A very complex and diverse turnaround mandate involving 12 different company, each facing a specific set of financial, operational, economic, managerial, and governance challenges.  In addition, the mandate involved a family-office role in which the family’s international and local real estate portfolio was restructured, managed, and optimized.

Active Time

A partial divestiture and valuation mandate aiming at partnering with a strategic investor in order to expedite growing branches.

Al Aljlan Global

A business and investment consulting mandate that involved financial restructuring of the real estate portfolio in a manner that optimized cashflow to service other areas of the business. Another mandate involved fundraising through establishing and structuring real estate funds.

Watan Industrial Investments

A complex and multivariate mandate involving examination of each portfolio company and recommending and implementing legal, financial, and operational solutions, as per each portfolio company specific needs and situation.

Biliar Gourmet

A business restructuring mandate aiming to reorganize and optimize the business, and prepare it for merging with a strategic investor.

Bin Zafra Group

Financial restructuring mandate of the group, involving intensive bank negotiations.