Financial Advisory and Transaction Services

Our transaction services were designed to be diverse and comprehensive while at the same time highly tailored and customized, so as to offer vendors, purchasers and financiers one stop shop availing any and all required skills and expertise to serve every aspect of the transaction, and to meet the demands of today’s complex transaction environment. Our services are availed to you in a manner that is tailored, technically superlative, confidential, and ethical, and specifically designed to build the long-lasting relationships that we boast with our clients. Those services are provided by a dedicated transaction team that brings together leadership, industry experience, and rigorous quantitative and analytical skills to execute on each transaction. Our advisory team will work with you through the whole transaction process until the deal is complete – whether you are on the sell or buy side, we specifically support you in the following transactions with the following specific services:

Business restructuring and Turnaround

Our restructuring and turnaround team has been battle-tested in some very complex and challenging turnaround situations in recent years. Our professionals have spent much of their careers working in environments of rapid and unpredictable change and are therefore experienced at supporting and guiding management teams through such business dynamics, while concurrently allowing them to manage the day-to-day operations of the business and the successful revitalization of the company.

Our team addresses restructuring and turnarounds by applying relevant time-tested and proven action plans and toolkits, backed by broad and deep industry expertise. The team seeks to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of your operations by first seeking to stabilize finances and operations, and then proceed to achieve the turnaround and performance improvements. We achieve stabilization through identifying opportunities for strategic, operational, organizational and financial change, and executing on them to achieve tangible results.

This helps establish solid ground for a turnaround so that we can then proceed to building on a balanced approach that seeks to isolate and prioritize critical solution target areas that have a direct impact on increasing revenues and cutting costs, while at the same time seeking to strike a balance between short-term and long-term goals.

Our deep expertise across many industries allows us to promptly identify and isolate the key problem areas that you face, and to react swiftly on behalf of you in crisis situations, by developing liquidity plans, improving management of cashflow, and initiating alternative funding negotiations. Our advisory capabilities in this aspect are comprehensive in scope and provide your management teams with guidance and complete suite of services necessary to achieve a successful turnaround.

Raising funds
  • Review and assess existing finance structures.
  • Advising on the selection of the right type of funding (debt, equity or a mix, IPO).
  • Preparing proposition documentation to potential funders.
  • Preparation of all cashflow models as well as related funding and legal documentation.
  • Review and assess lenders’ terms and conditions.
  • Assist in negotiations with selected financiers.
  • Advise on debt consolidations and syndication plans.
Mergers, Acquisitions, and Divestitures –(for privately held companies)
  • Deal structuring. Due diligence studies and transaction strategies.
  • Identifying potential partners or buyers.
  • Support in transaction negotiations.
  • Preparation of all financial and valuation models as well as investment and legal documentation.
  • Securing regulatory approvals.